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In 2012 President Barack Obama signed an executive order 13603 that establishes slave labor in the UK & US. His executive order explains the reform of a free market in the Marxism fashion organized by the military & government. Today our new elected president of 2018 Donald Trump has decided to build a wall that will cause a dividend In our nation for immigrants who are trying to pave a way for a better life. As you were all informed the immigration law that many civilians were fighting for did not get passed through legislation. The increase in the economy has caused poverty & while the tax rate is going up, wages for work labor are leaving poor families to suffer & barely able to make ends meet. The trump administration is focused on cutting back on government resources such as food stamps, social security, & health care for low income families. This mainly affects people of color & immigrants of all nationalities. For over 500 years people of color have experienced segregation, racism, inequality in jobs, pay, housing & education & today these issues still occur. There are a number of cases where people of color have witnessed or experienced police brutality. Too often justice is not served due to racial profiling in our society. Families grieve over the loss of their loved ones, meanwhile Caucasian law enforcement authorities get a pat on the back like good a good deed was done in the community by killing a person of color. Innocent lives are being taken not because a crime is being committed but because People of color are coming in contact with police officers that are racist.

I am asking for 1 million signatures because people of color have yet to receive the equality that we deserve. I’m asking for signatures to end racism, economic segregation, & poverty. I’m asking for signatures for the immigrants who deserve the right to reside in the United States. The constitution states that they are for the people. I believe that Donald trump & congress should stand by that constitution. Say no to building a wall! Say no to discrimination against people of color! Say no to police brutality against people of color! Say no to the unjust system In which we the people are oppressed! Will you stand with me & sign my petition? Or will you remain silent & allow the oppression to continue..

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