The Vice Chancellor, Leeds University
United Kingdom

21st March, 2006

Frank Ellis is a lecturer at Leeds University in the department of Russian and Slavonic studies.

A recent interview in a student newspaper has led to national coverage of his views, which include the notion that black people and women are genetically inferior and that homosexuality should be "weeded out".

He has connections to white supremacist organisations and has stated that the BNP are "a bit too socialist" for his liking.

We, the undersigned, are horrified by the views of Frank Ellis who we believe is bringing disrepute to Leeds University by using his status to try to legitimise racism.

It is unacceptable that someone promoting racist views should be given a position of influence in the University. We are extremely concerned that students from ethnic minorities, who he claims are inferior, face discrimination from Dr Ellis' presence on campus.

We call upon the university to take all necessary action to remove him.

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