#Consumer Affairs
National Press and Home Secretary
United Kingdom

The National Media recently disclosed the fact that Halal slaughtered meat products are being served and sold in numerous food outlets and supermarkets across our country without our knowledge.

The politically correct wool is being pulled over our eyes and we must take a stand to protect our own culture, beliefs, national pride and our own human rights.

This practice is appalling. Not only is this form of slaughter repugnant it is also yet another example of how low this country has sunk with regard to our acceptance of the interference of immigrants rights against our own national pride, heritage, culture and religions.

Let Muslims buy their meat from a Halal butcher, which is their choice and is reasonable. But don’t ever think that an overall policy on Halal is acceptable to all. Without doubt, it is not.

Sign this petition and help stop Halal meats being sold in our supermarkets and restaurants.

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