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Polk County District Attorney
United States of America

Recently a video was aired nationally showing 6 girls taking turns beating a helpless victim unconscious, waking her up and beating her again while 2 boys stood lookout. The incident happened on or about March 30th. This was a cold, calculated crime that was premeditated and thought out.

No parents were present at the time of the attack which was 8:30PM on a Sunday night. The attackers never showed any remorse for these crimes. They were observed laughing and joking that they would miss cheerleading and not be able to go to the beach the following weekend.

The incident was videotaped with the intent to broadcast it online. The mother of the girl in whose home the assault took place blamed the victim and not her daughter. Also, neither mother or daughter, nor any of the other attackers show remorse at this time, one even proclaiming on their myspace page that "I'd do it again"!

We the undersigned call on the Polk County District Attorney's office to charge the following teens as adults in these horrific crimes:
Mercades Nichols(DOB 1/24/1991) - 6124 West Calendar Court, Lakeland
Attacker - Brittini Hardcastle (DOB 9/10/1990) - 1990, 1242 Thomasville Circle, Lakeland
Attacker - April Cooper, DOB (6/12/1993) -, 1111 West Greenwood St, Lakeland
Attacker - Cara Murphy DOB (01/02/1992) - 2762 Highlands Creek Drive, Lakeland
Attacker - Brittany Mayes DOB (01/20/1991) - 1111 West Greenwood St, Lakeland
Attacker - Kayla Hassell DOB (10/13/1992) - 4575 Old Colony Road, Mulberry
Guard - Zachary Ashley DOB (03/11/1991) - 6116 Calendar Court West, Lakeland
Guard - Stephen Schumaker DOB (10/20/1989) - 6020 Calendar Court, Lakeland

We would also ask that the parents of these teens be investigated for negligence in raising these teens to believe this is ok. Especially in the case of, Christina Garcia who is the mother of the attacker who videotaped the incident in her home.

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