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The Trump administration has announced that it is cutting funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) and will withdraw from the global network. The WHO is crucial for coordinating global health initiatives to improve the healthcare of communities around the world, and developing countries are especially in need of the WHO’s support.

The US’ withdrawal from the WHO would have devastating consequences for the world as it funds a quarter of the WHO’s budget. The WHO Director General has stated that the world’s lack of solidarity, rather than the coronavirus, is the biggest threat we face. Divisions among countries and people give an advantage to the virus that has been holding the world hostage for months, he says. Countries must work together in order to beat the virus.

COVID-19 has already killed more than 550,000 people worldwide, and the total number of confirmed cases is more than 13 million. It is only with teamwork and collaboration amongst countries that we can fight the pandemic as a united front. As the WHO Director General states, “We cannot defeat this pandemic as a divided world… The virus thrives on division, but is thwarted when we unite.”

By withdrawing from the WHO, the US is causing further divisions, when the world needs to be brought together instead. We will be placing millions of people worldwide at risk to contract the deadly disease because health resources will be underfunded. We must invest in the WHO and protect the health of people worldwide, instead of politicizing the virus. The only way forward is together.

Now is the time to use your voice! We cannot leave the WHO underfunded and unable to do its job if we want to support and protect developing countries. The US cannot withdraw from the WHO if we are to defeat this virus. We must challenge the administration’s actions and adhere to the values of solidarity, collaboration, and global unity.

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“We, the undersigned, call on the Trump administration not to withdraw from and cut funding to the World Health Organization. The United States’ withdrawal from the WHO will have severe consequences on the WHO’s ability to coordinate global efforts in fighting the coronavirus. The lack of funding will result in millions more deaths of people worldwide, and developing countries will be left especially vulnerable. Please reconsider the plan to withdraw from and cut funding to the WHO.”

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