Sri Lankans

Amnesty International (AI) (a leading human rights watch dog, http://web.amnesty.org/) has started a campaign titled "Sri Lanka: Play by the Rules" to be held at the Cricket World Cup 2007.


However the ICC has said they will not get involved in the campaign and not allow them to enter cricket grounds to carry out this campaign, but the campaign is active. This petition is against AI's plans to invade sporting events to voice their opinion.

Having this kind of campaign not only takes away the beauty of the Cricket World Cup but it also demoralizes the Sri Lankan cricket team. This petition is against any future plans by the AI to use sporting events as platforms to voice their concerns.

This petition is not against the alegations they have raised against the government of Sri Lanka or the LTTE (That is a different argument altogether).

Amnesty International has not played by the rules when it decided to carry out the campaign "Sri Lanka: Play by the Rules" during the ongoing cricket world cup 2007.


Amensty International (AI) and any other such organizations should not make sports events a platform to raise such issues. These concerns should be raised in appropriate places and AI should use other mediums to educate the masses.

LTTE is riding on this campaign,

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The Say 'NO!' to Amnesty International's Initiative to carry out "SRI LANKA: Play by the rules campaign" petition to Sri Lankans was written by Hiran Jayaratna and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.