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- Governor Rick Snyder and the State of Michigan have used an extra $12 million dollars and growing to answer for the Flint Water Crisis.
- Governor Rick Snyder ended water credits for Flint residents as soon as a mere 1% of homes tested to contain 12 ppb of lead, (the federal limit is 15ppb) causing 8000 homes to be threatened with water liens.
- Governor Rick Snyder imposed high new taxes on retired pensioners on fixed incomes.
- Governor Rick Snyder gave huge tax breaks to corporations and wealthy elites, while middle class incomes stagnated or declined.
- Governor Rick Snyder, and Attorney General Bill Schuette actively fought the Department of Labor's ruling to pay overtime to deserving workers.
- Governor Rick Snyder ignored the people of Michigan in creating the Right to Work Law.
- Governor Rick Snyder created the Emergency Manager Law PA 436, under which Mayor Mike Duggan says an Emergency Manager lied to him about $500,000,000 in pension shortfalls.
- Michigan's elected officials are already among the most highly compensated in the nation.
- There are no shortages of candidates willing to run for Governor at the current rate of pay.

WE, the undersigned call on members of the Michigan State Legislature to reject a pay raise for the office of Governor of Michigan recommended by members of the Michigan State Officers Compensation Commission, who were also appointed by the Governor, as long as the Flint water crisis continues.

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