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If you live in anywhere in Erewash this will affect YOU!

What's this about?
In the next few weeks Erewash Borough Council will make the final decision on where to build 6,680 houses over the next two decades. Tragically most of them will be built in the green belt, a unique area of countryside that provides residents and visitors alike with a much needed escape from the pressures of modern living.

Why is this happening now?
The council themselves say, ‘green open space is vital for the mental and physical well being of our resident’s', yet right now and under pressure to meet housing targets set by central government, they are drawing up plans that would see huge swathes of this precious countryside destroyed.

• When it’s gone it’s gone forever.

• This must not be allowed to happen.

Don't sell the family silver!
The residents of Erewash – including the council - are simply temporary custodians of a priceless heritage that must preserved and passed on intact for the benefit of future generations.

Who will be affected?
Currently the sites for development are in Cotmanhay, Kirk Hallam (1,000 houses and a by-pass) - plus Oakwood and Spondon, but the whole borough will feel the loss of this countryside. Sadly as proven by the recently revised housing figures we all fear that this is only the beginning.

Your signature is now the only thing that can help stop it.

We only have a mater of weeks so please don’t put this off - sign NOW!


We the undersigned demand that Erewash Borough Council resist all political and economic pressure to permit any development in the green belt.

The open spaces of the green belt are vital to the mental and physical well being of residents and visitors alike and provide respite from the stresses of modern living, something that is critical for both present and future generations.

The future of the green belt should be non negotiable.

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