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Nick, Zim was all you had. Zim is all you were. Now your nothing. NOBODY watches NICK anymore because of that. Too bad you've lost somany viewers. I dont watch nick and n=my whole family doesnt either. Why did you cancel him? He was a star, he was Zim the Invader from IRK. You created him to destroy him WHYYY?

We need him and you need us. We both know that correct? I mean, whats a kids station that nobody watches. All we have to do is stop watching Nickelodeon and you going down and Zim is going up!

Please sign this petition saying that you love Zim. Saying that you wouldn't watch Nickelodeon without Zim.

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The SAVING ZIM petition to NICKELODEON was written by Christian Dyson and is in the category Television at GoPetition.