School Board #64

For the past few weeks I, Jessica Dollheiser, have heard about this budget cut to my school district #64. I heard we might cut teachers, or cut out certain courses, or turn to a four day week. I was more tolerable of the four day week than any of the other options. On April 14 2004 I was informed that the school board took a step forward to the four day week and that they had 30 days to finalize this desicion. But then I was informed that we, high school students, would have to give up the semester system and go to the linear year.

I do not agree with this decision because it is hard enough to manage four courses at a time while managing everything else in your life. As well, we wouldn't even have enough time to do all the homework we would have, as well as working, playing sports and getting our recommended nine hours of sleep a night.

Please sign if you are against the linear year system and oppose the four day week.

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