We will send them to the SAUSD
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The Karate After School Program is at risk of no longer making a positive impact in the lives of students in the After School Program with Santa Ana Unified School District as of January 2020.

Please help the students of Santa Ana to continue to have a much needed program which teaches character development, 21st century skills, discipline, and much more.

This program has been creating a positive effect in the community since the year 2000. We ask you to show students your support by providing a letter of recommendation for such program to continue as well as contacting the school board members and the district to make sure that students don't lose this opportunity as of January 2020.

To find out how you can get involved in supporting the students in Santa Ana to continue to have such program please call

Toyama's Karate After School Program has been the pioneer and leader in community after school programs since its inception as community partners. This program is always accepted and looked for by teachers, students, principals, coordinators, and leaders in the community.

"It's for the kids in Santa Ana"

SAUSD Board Members

President Valerie Amezcua

Vice President
Rodrigo Rodriguez

Clerk Alfonso Alvarez

Member John Palacio

Toyama Karate-Do "SideKicks4Life" Youth Mentorship

Please share to support the kids in Santa Ana.

We, the undersign, call on the SAUSD and Extended Learning Programs Division to continue to offer Toyama's Karate After School Program starting January 2020. We support this program and ask that it continues to serve, help, and support the students in Santa Ana by renewing the contracted service.

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