Mr. Wozniak
United States of America

Two teachers that care the very most about their school and their students are about to lose their A.P/ honors classes.

Mrs. Guild and Mr. Parker are two amazing A.P teachers who have much experience in teaching these classes. Both teachers have prepared their students thoroughly for not only their novel tests but their A.P. test as well. Their students have completed numerous essays, multiple choice tests, Voice lessons, and Norton Readers daily in order to prepare them for the A.P. test. As a result the students went into the A.P. testing with full confidence that they would pass; they also left feeling the same way! This is ALL because of Mrs. Guild's and Mr. Parker's teaching skills which are essential to the success of their students and will continue to be so in the future.
Due to the outstanding student-teacher relationship we feel that our fellow students will support these two wonderful teachers keep their A.P. classes and to continue the high quality teaching which is beneficial to our education.

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