A community of people that want to make a difference

Black people aren't treated justly in this world. From communities to countries to continents, we have forgotten our culture and fight our own people.
It's time we went back to being royalty.
I want us to reach those who feel hopeless and speak up for those whose voices have been taken away from them. I want rest for those who have been fighting and peace for those whose lives have been plagued by pain.
The target is justice for those who have been killed, hurt, mistreated, beaten, violated, imprisoned unjustly, abused in any way. Violence only breeds violence, we want to end this vicious cycle of revenge, hate and fear.
Let's make it so that we don't have to fight anymore.

Please help us get justice to every person oppressed at every corner of the world, help us fight those killing black people, the people burning the amazon and those desecrating sacred native American land.

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