The White House United States of America

Various Human Rights violations have been reported since the so called attainment of Independence in 1980 from Britain. Notable Is the Gukurahundi of the 80's and the most recent crackdown on the Opposition Organized Peaceful Protest in Harare on the 16th of August 2019.
The United States and Britain have stood by and watched as a country turned on its own.
The local man has not been independent since 1980, we just shifted colonial masters.
We are now a colony to our own brothers and sisters in the ruling party.

We the voters and concerned people of Zimbabwe call upon the Powers that be to intervene and remove the Ruling party from government.
We call on the United States of America and the British Government to TEMPORARILY COLONISE THE COUNTRY OF ZIMBABWE and institute a Democratic Transitional Government.
As Zimbabwe we have to put our pride as2in this trying time and concur that we have failed to govern ourselves. We need HELP.

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