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Governor Doyle
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On April 11, 2005, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress had their annual spring meeting. One of the issues addressed was whether or not to adopt a law to make feral and domestic cats an "unprotected species" meaning that cats could be shot on sight if they were not wearing a collar. As anyone knows, a collar on your cat will NOT prevent someone from shooting it if they want to. They will merely destroy the collar after they have killed the cat.

The meetings were primarily attended by hunters and, thus, those FOR the proposition exceeded those of us against it.

The meeting of April 11th did not reflect the opinions of the majority of Wisconsin taxpayers as the majority of the persons attending the meetings were hunters, not the average citizen.

We are opposed to a law making feral and domestic cats an "unprotected species" as this will not only endanger our pets, it will also make it legal for people to do anything they want to these defenseless animals.

We need to let the Governor and our legislators know that the Conservation Congress does NOT speak for the majority of the citizens of this State. We cannot allow the hunters here to make our laws.

We, the undersigned, OPPOSE the proposition of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress to make feral and domestic cats an "unprotected species" that can be shot on sight if they are not wearing a collar. A collar will not prevent the animal from being shot as the collar may not be seen from a distance or the hunter may just shoot and later remove and destroy the collar.

Should this become a law, it will encourage cruelty to domestic as well as feral cats because since they will no longer be protected, there will be nothing to stop people from torturing as well as killing any cat they can find.

We do not believe the government should make laws which endanger the lives of our pets.

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