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As part of the current proposal for the Metropolitan Line Extension (formerly Croxley Rail Link ), the Metropolitan Line Station at Watford would CLOSE. Closing it would be a disaster for many local families. The plan is still being considered by government for funding. Please act NOW to Save Watford Met Line Station by signing this petition.

Watford Met station is incredibly well used - 1.85 million entry/exits a year (2015 figures) - not only by the thousands of residents of the Cassiobury estate (including the section to the north of the park - just stand in the park yourself one rush hour evening and see just how many commuters walk and cycle across it every day to and from the Met station) but also by many in West Watford (for whom it would still be nearer than the proposed new station), hundreds of schoolchildren attending Watford Boys Grammar and many travelling out of Watford to Rickmansworth School and beyond.

Undoubtedly there is a need for better public transport links in West Watford. However why not simply re-open the disused branch line to the old Croxley station from Watford Junction (possibly connecting to St Alban's Abbey Line as suggested by others)? In this way passengers from West Watford could at least take advantage of faster Midland Line services to London & Midlands rather than sitting on the slow Met Line services to Baker St & beyond. This would save on a substantial element of the proposed construction cost and could run as a shuttle - perhaps even driverless like the DLR?

If you can spare 5 minutes please answer these 10 questions to help us better understand how the closure of Watford Met station will affect you. Survey results will be provided to those leaving contact details.

Please act NOW to Save Watford Met Line Station by signing this petition.

We, the undersigned, OPPOSE THE CLOSURE OF WATFORD METROPOLITAN LINE STATION as part of the current Croxley Rail Link proposal and call on the SECRETARY OF STATE FOR TRANSPORT to consider other options for the scheme which don't involve this.

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