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The Pyrmont community, friends and workers

The Metro Station Authority threatens to demolish five historic terraces and local businesses on Union Square to make way for the proposed Metro Station. The buildings are heritage listed. They are the heart and soul of the Pyrmont Village.

The past lives and breathes in the present and the future. Buildings and areas should not be pulled down or reconstructed just because it suits the flow of traffic or the use of underground rail systems. Much more needs to be shown to justify the actions of the Authority. Our community has a legitimate and reasonable expectation that the choice of a suitable location will occur with proper consultation and will not be done capriciously or with no concern for relevant matters.

Our Council and the State Government will be judged on how they deal with and value our heritage and its culture. There are other options for the Metro it could be in the Casino complex or on the corner of Union and Pyrmont Streets. If the road was closed between Edward and Pyrmont Streets during construction this important village hub could be left intact.

The best barometer of a society’s character is how it deals with and understands its past and how it uses that knowledge to help it carry on its present tasks, and then to shape its future.

1. We oppose the State Government’s plans to demolish four historic terraces at numbers 9, 7, 5 and 3 on Union Street to make way for a proposed metro train station in Pyrmont...

2. We ask the government to place the railway station either underneath the new Casino complex which has not yet been constructed or on Union Street itself between Pyrmont and Edward Streets which could be permanently closed off at no cost to the State Government. And no loss of jobs in the local community.

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