Vermont Governor Peter Schumlin
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The Save the Vermont Pigs page was created by local musician Cid Sinclair in response to the uproar created when a logo destined for state police cruisers was doctored by inmates creating the decals on work detail altered the image by changing a spot on a cow to a pig shape. The decals were placed on 30 cruisers before it was noticed. Now there is considerable outcry about the incident on both sides of the debate.

"I think the real outrage would be for the taxpayers to spend sparse funds to correct the decals. The estimate is $800. Why should the taxpayers pay another dime to fix something this frivolous? I think it's an opportunity for Vermonters to show that, even in tough times, we still have a sense of humor. I think the Governor should step in and proclaim that the pigs can stay! If people want to be upset, perhaps they should look at the folks supervising the inmates. But really, how about just accept the fact that it's just plain funny, have a chuckle and move on. Chalk it up to another twist in Vermont's quirky, lovable history. A humorous footnote to otherwise bleak times........" - Save the Vermont Pigs Founder, Cid Sinclair

We the undersigned, call upon Vermont Governor Peter Schumlin to Save the Vermont Pigs by granting the pigs amnesty and leave them in place at no cost to the taxpayers of the state of Vermont.

We also ask that the Schumlin administration to uphold the innate sense of humor that makes us unique as Vermonters and allow this event to take its quirky place in the 300 year old tradition of our beloved state seal and thus showing the nation and the world that Vermonters are awesome and that we have a great sense of humor. From Governor to inmate......

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