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We are a group of university students trying to preserve the remaining forested areas on our campus.

Our administration is currently planning on clearcutting 15 acres in order to build 4 residence halls and a parking deck.

We believe that there is a better way and place to go about this project.

We would like the administration to reconsider the location and to support a legislative move to protect the remaining land.

We, the undersigned UNCW community members, recognize the need for environmental and economic responsibility by institutions of higher education, hereby state our support for, and request immediate action be taken to prevent the destruction of the university’s forested land.

We find the current plans for the Phase III project unacceptable and irresponsible.

Specifically, by signing this petition I hereby endorse the reconsideration of the Phase III project plan and location. I am also in support of the establishment of a permanent nature reserve on the UNCW campus.

This will preserve our forested areas on campus. Thank you.

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