#Animal Welfare
Elephant Safari Park Taro Bali

The Indonesians are ripping down elephants habitats giving them no where to go so in search of food they eat the crops on the farms and this is making the farmers very upset. So they catch them and tie chains around their ankles which is then tied to a tree.

Each day these poor creatures show signs of much distress like banging against trees. There not being fed enough and are all skin and bones many elephants die and most babies don't get to their full age because of poor care and not having a mother because of being killed by the farmers.

Some elephants if lucky will last 2-3 years most don't last 6 months.

I'm calling on you to help in to save these helpless creatures.

Are you sick and tired of animal cruelty and want to stop elephants being put into chains and given barely any food well now's the time to save these beautiful animals give them all a second chance and stop they homes being destroyed.

Together we can help save these gentle creatures. After all they might not be around forever.

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