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Under the current U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs “Enhanced Use Lease plan” (EUL), the plan calls for 25% of the current St. Albans facility to be leased for private development. Privatization of the St. Albans VA Hospital is not in the best interest of the Veterans of Queens County.

Dear Secretary Shinseki,

We, the People of New York City, hereby declare our dissapproval of the United States Department of Veteran Affiars current “Enhanced Use Lease plan” (EUL) for the current St. Albans Primary and Extended Care Center in St. Albans Queens.

Instead of privatization of 25% of the current site for private deveopment we urge you to to build a full-service VA hospital on the site of the St. Albans Primary and Extended Care Center.

Our service men and women deserve a modern state of the art Veterans Hospital in Queens County!

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