Ian Denne

Every year in Canada the Government allows the legal hunting of Polar Bears by the Inuit people. They are also allowed to sell there hunting rights. Last year 500 polar bears in Canada were lost to this unnecessary hunting. Polar Bears are a "very" threated species and are on the verge of becoming endangered.

They face many threats in todays world such as global warming that melts the ice flows to which they need to hunt from. We need to give them a chance for survival and the continued hunting is not help.

In todays world there is no need to hunt this precious and irreplaceable species. There right to exist far out wieghs any peoples right to huntto hunt them.

We, the undersigned, petition the Canadian Government to "Immediately cease all hunting and harvesting of Polar Bears".

Every year hundreds of Polar Bears a legally killed, or the rights to hunt them are sold by the Inuit people of Canada. We recognize that hunting of the Polar Bears was a necessary in the past for the survival of the Inuit People and a part of their beautiful culture, but in today's world we must do everything possible to preserve this precious and irreplaceable species.

There is no necessity to hunt Polar Bears in today's world. Polar Bears are a threatened species, on the verge of becoming endangered. This animal's right to exist far outweighs any people's right to hunt them.

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