#Animal Rights
Taiji Mayor, Mr. Kazutaka Sangen

In 1997, 10 members of an orca family were herded into a small bay near the Japanese coastal town of Taiji.

Within a few days, 5 members of the family had been shipped to captive tanks, and the other 5 members released (they had to be chased away). Three of the captives were taken to Shirahama Adventure World, one to Izu Mito Sea Paradise, and one to the Taiji Whale Museum. Collectively, they became known as "The Taiji Five". A great cry arose from around the world. Literally thousands of people made impassioned appeals to Japan to return the orcas to the ocean, and dozens of rallies and demonstrations were held, all to no avail.

Within a few short months, two of the Shirahama captives were dead, a young male, and a female who was pregnant when captured and soon aborted her baby.

Some years later, in 2003, the Taiji Whale Museum sold their female, then 10 years old, to the Nagoya Aquarium.

The following year (2004) Shirahama's last captive died, and only a few months ago, "Asuka", the captive orca at Izu Mito Sea Paradise died too.

Today, there is just 1 survivor; female "Ku" at the Nagoya Aquarium.

The fate of the 5 members of the pod who survived the capture remains unknown.



The orca "Ku", the last survivor of the Taiji 5 capture, has passed away, due to severe health issues. She died on the 19th of September, from Herpies. RIP girl, you will be missed.

(Unfortunately, this death may be an incentive to capture more whales.)

Now, Mr. Kazutaka Sangen, Taiji town mayor, announced his plan to capture more orcas and send them to Dalian and Beijing for more "scientific research" to improve relations between Japan and China.

He expects that the governments of the two countries will permit and support this orca-trade.

We cannot allow this to happen. Already, at least 1000+ orcas have died in Japanese waters, and now the fate of another family hangs in the balance.

We, the undersigned, ask the Japanese Government, and the Taiji town Mayor, to abort this capture of orcas, before another pod is destroyed forever.

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