#Animal Welfare
Newcastle City Council
United Kingdom

According to the Evening Chronicle on 25 March 2010 (http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-evening-chronicle/2010/03/25/staff-hopping-mad-at-council-plot-to-kill-rabbits-72703-26108140/), Newcastle City Council intend on killing the rabbits that currently populate the land around the Civic Centre, as they are "causing damage to the soil and plants on the grassy area next to St Thomas’ Church".

We, the undersigned, call upon Newcastle City Council to reject any intention of removing the rabbit population on the land around Newcastle Civic Centre.

We believe that the rabbits are a genuine asset within the city centre, bring pleasure to a vast number of local people and that their continued presence in the area outweighs any damage that they may cause.

Where numbers are proven to be in need of control, we call on NCC to rely upon humane trapping and relocation and under no circumstances should the inhumane practice of poisoning be utilised.

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