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The city of High Point
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The Kilby was built in 1913 by John and Nannie Kilby. The Kilby was a place that housed the children of John and Nannie Kilby. As the children got older and moved out on there own. John and Nannie felt lonely so they rented out the rooms to make extra money and to provide a place for blacks to stay that were traveling.

Over the years the Hotel was passed down thru the family. It is said that the hotel was a place where black entertainers stayed while preforming at club kilby and other places in the area. The Kilby is registered with the state for National Historical places and registered with the city of High Point as a Historical site.This hotel was one of the first hotels built by African Americans and owned by African Americans.At the present time the building is vacant and the McELrath family (owners) are wanting to restore the Hotel but keep it with in the family.

Keeping family history to help restore the African American Community while preserving a milestone of history.

The family is asking the City of High Point not to demolish the Kilby hotel. We support the McELrath family to restore the building by them and keep it in the family.

Making store front businesses on the first floor, office suites on the second floor, and studio apartments on the third floor. By saving this piece of history they are saving a community by increasing jobs and businesses.

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