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Please sign this petition to help us keep the Kapok tree from going extinct. This beautiful tree has many uses to our daily life without us even realizing it. The problem is, the Kapok tree are one of the most endangered trees in the world. Our goal is to spread the word of how important it is to save this tree and the only way we can do it is with your help. The more people who back us up, the harder it will be for organizations to ignore.
The Kapok tree holds the most natural fibers we could ever use. Due to the low density and insulating properties, the fibers are used to stuff pillows, mattresses, toys, and life jackets. These fibers are very organic and great for our health. Research even shows that toxic substances found in non-organic pillows can cause reproductive and neurological problems. In addition, the seed holds 20-25% oil, very similar to cotton seed oil, which can be used for cooking, and making soaps. Their seeds, leaves, and bark are also used to treat medical conditions. Not only are these a lot of uses to us, but also to many animals. We actually found that some of the most endangered species, rely on this specific tree for shelter and food. These species include the harpy eagle, fruit bats, monkeys, birds, frogs, insects, and even honey bees. If this tree went extinct, these species would follow, one after one. And it all leads up to us.
Please sign this petition, to not only save the tree and animals, but to save us.

We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations to give their greatest attention to the Kapok tree and its inhabitants. To ensure safety to the tree and its future generations, we are relying on the UN to establish an act for loggers to replant and replace each tree that they cut down.

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