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Guys we need your help to stop hobbas being de-badged on the uk habbo hotel. We are collecting 5000 signatures. And we hope that you all agree with us.

Habbos, since reading the news that hobbas are to be de-badged to make way for the habbo x team and the moderators of the UK hotel, I for one don't agree with this decision on Sulake, at the end of the day my opinion is also others, so to attempt to keep hobbas on the UK hotel I am aiming to get 5000 signatures on this petition to persuade Sulake to reconsider I mean basically they are reducing the safety although they will state there are going to be more moderators available, in which case what is the point in removing the hobbas after all there are more hobbas than moderators who are quite able to deal with situation that are currently occurring, I'm also aware that the decision has be partly based on the safety of habbo account because on the Hobba housekeeping tool, if that is the case then Sulake should work on a better method on keeping the site more secure.
I'm sure I don't have to display examples on this page of what is currently occurring with in the hotel and being sorted by the hobbas.

In Brief: If you think that hobbas should stay on the UK hotel then please sign the petition with your correct details, also please remember we have less than a month to express our opinion in this matter due to us needing over 5000 signatures.

Thank you for your help.

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