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Despite the low numbers of grizzly bears and grey wolves, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may take these iconic animals off the Endangered Species List due to pressure from hunters and ranchers. Grey wolves and grizzly bears have recovered under the Endangered Species Act, but the populations are still low.

With only 1,700 wolves and 600 grizzlies in the Rocky Mountains, scientists (as opposed to politicians) warn that may not even be a viabile breeding population. The removal of this protection would allow these symbols of America to be hunted back to the brink of extinction once again. Who is the Fish and Wildlife Service really serving? We are outraged; if you are too, click the button below to take action.

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Dear President Obama,

Your administration is seeking to lift Endangered Species Act protections from two of the most iconic symbols of the American west, the grey wolf and grizzly bear, despite populations barely above breeding viability, (only 1700 wolves and 600 grizzly bears are left in the entire five state rocky mountain region).

We, the undersigned, call on the you to cease its efforts to expose these iconic animals to hunters and trappers, greatly endangering the gains they have made since being put under protection.

It makes no sense to take these animals out from protection, while they are still recovering from being nearly hunted to elimination over the last 100 years.

Please reconsider now!

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