#Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Services
Wing Commander, 14 Wing Greenwood

Thank you all for your tremendous support – Your contribution to Save our Golf Course is appreciated. The Wing Commander, 14 Wing Greenwood has allowed the investigation of a suitable group to move the club from a Non-Public Funds entity to a Consignee Private Sector operation. The Greenwood Golf Club is now inviting Expressions of Interest for an Individual or Group that would take over the business of operating the 18 Hole Golf Course and Golf Clubhouse Operations. Discussions with several groups are ongoing.
To obtain Consignee information please forward an email to Ged@StonehouseGolf.ca.
To obtain membership information please forward an email to Michael.Logan@bellaliant.net.

The Greenwood Golf Course, open since 1959, is a challenging and interesting course that meanders along and across the picturesque Annapolis River in Nova Scotia. It was originally built and maintained by volunteers. The 14 Wing Greenwood Golf Club is now and has been for some time a recreational facility operating through non-public funds and administered by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services program that operates to benefit the serving and former Canadian Forces members and their families as well as members of the extended military community.
In April 2017 the Wing Commander of 14 Wing Greenwood announced that the Greenwood Golf Club would close at the end of the 2017 season. It was indicated that the decision was driven by poor financial performance of the Club. The announcement was a complete surprise to staff and membership. With no advance notice the membership neither had nor were given the opportunity to offer solutions to this problem even though this should have been afforded. A Save the Greenwood Golf Course Committee was then formed to offer solutions to the Wing Commander to make the Golf Club financially viable. On April 30, 2017 the Committee submitted a request to the Wing Commander for a stay of one year during which time the Committee would work with Wing and Golf Club management to improve the financial viability of the Club. The request included a number of undertakings the Committee would implement to increase revenues. The request was denied by the Wing Commander.
Closure of the Greenwood Golf Course will affect members of the military and extended military community as well as members of the public. Twelve (12) Morale and Welfare Services employees will lose their jobs. The local economy will be negatively affected. Current military members, their families and those posted to Greenwood in the future will not have access to a Greenwood Golf Course.

We the undersigned call on the Wing Commander, 14 Wing Greenwood to retract the decision to close the Greenwood Golf Club at the end of the 2017 season and to provide at least one season for the Save the Greenwood Golf Course Committee to improve the operation of the Greenwood Golf Club.

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