#Animal Rights
To: Motorola, Nokia, Intel, respective companies,etc.

This petition is to make major companies stop killing and destroying the gorilla habitiat for coltan, and also to create gorilla-friendly products.

Recent price rises of this ore has lead to wide scale unregulated mining of it in the forests of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the same forests that were home to 86% of the worlds eastern lowland gorillas.

The forests are being destroyed and gorillas are being killed and snared for 'bushmeat' to feed the hundreds of miners and to sell at markets. Recent reports indicate that up to 90% of eastern lowland gorillas may have been killed in the last 3 years. Fears are that without immediate political action, they may be headed towards an inescapable extinction.

We, the undersigned, believe that the situation affecting gorillas is very bad. They are being killed at an alarming rate. We know that your respective companies use coltan for your products. We also know that gorillas also need this mineral in their habitat. So we petition that you should make gorilla friendly products. It would save a species and more people (enviromenralists) would buy and support your products.

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