Paul Caica MP

An order has been approved to demolish the Glenelg Ozone Cinema situated on Jetty Road, Glenelg South Australia.

This cinema with a heritage application pending is a rare art deco "gem" and having so few authentic art deco buildings in South Australia, it is imperative we conserve this type of architecture for future generations.

We the undersigned respectfully request that in view of the demolition approval (110-00279-100) to demolish the Glenelg Ozone Cinema, you ask the Heritage Council to reconsider the heritage value of this building and place an emergency stop order to prevent demolition (under s30 of the Heritage Places Act 1993) while this occurs.

We believe that the Cinema is of both cultural & architectural significance, is an outstanding example of the Art Deco style and possibly the earliest remaining air-conditioned, fully Art Deco designed cinema, an iconic symbol of Glenelg’s 20th century history, and integral to the retention of Jetty Road’s character. Faced in Basket Range freestone, featuring horizontal fins and a prominent vertical signage element (both originally neon lit) it is the only Art Deco theatre in Australia constructed with a stone front.

It was designed in 1936 by F. Kenneth Milne, a prominent interwar architect, after visiting the United Kingdom in the early 1930s. Milne rose to President of the South Australian Institute of Architects from 1937–1939.

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