#Law & Order
Galveston, Indiana Town Board
United States of America

Recently the town board of Galveston, Indiana discovered they will have a large budget cutback due to loss of funds and lower funding from the state than expected.

They are in talks that the best course of action may be to cut the current police force down to one officer. Currently the town has three paid officer positions and eight reserve (unpaid) officers. The current number allows the officers to take days off and still provide safety and security to the town. However if some members of the town board have their way it will be depleted down to one officer. This will cut police protection down to a mere 8 hours for 5 days a week. In addition it will prevent that one officer from having any time off with family. Leaving him in a very unsafe situation. Back-up being miles away he could be all alone dealing with dangerous situations at any given moment.

Ultimately this decision will put the entire county at risk. The sheriffs' department will have to respond to a larger area and leaving other areas of the county unprotected. This decision is a huge one. It will put lives at risk just because certain town members refuse to look at other non-essential items and cut back.

Just like you do your budget at home and cut back and remove items you don't need, certain members of this board have decided the police are non-essential. Sign for your families safety.

By signing this petition we call on the Galveston, Indiana town board to keep the police department at full staff for the safety and security of the people.

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