Beirut Gate Project and co.

The Beirut City Center, by Joseph Phillipe Karam, a prominent modernist Lebanese architect of the 60s, is an egg shaped theater / cinema in downtown Beirut.

Its design is a symbol of modern design foresight and a testament to Lebanese talent and architecture.

Now, with the Beirut downtown area renovation and reconstruction, this milestone of Lebanese design is on death-row, making space for the new 600 million dollar Beirut Gate project.

We, the undersigned, call on ADIH, Solidere, and any architect or investor responsible for the Beirut Gate Project to reconsider the demolition of the Beirut City Center in Downtown Beirut, and rather think about the appropriation of the existing structure (renovation) within an equally satisfying Beirut Gate in terms of culture, economy, and profit.

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The Save the EGG petition to Beirut Gate Project and co. was written by Raafat and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.