Sydney South West Area Health Service / Early Childhood Centres

The Sydney Southwest Area Health Service is planning to cut crucial services from their Early Childhood Centre Program.

One of the main changes includes the ceasing of the Tuesday morning drop-in service in the Balmain Early Childhood Centre (and no doubt other centres as well). This change will come into effect in mid-December and this decision was implemented without any consultation with the community at large.

The drop-in service has provided regular and accessible help to many parents in an informal setting and has also provided an important supportive forum for many parents to meet other parents.

It is essential for many parents to help care for their young children because babies needs are often immediate and cannot wait until planned appointments which are only available weeks in advance.

Many parents in Balmain are from interstate, overseas or country areas and are separated from their support networks. They rely heavily on formal services for support.

More changes - such as ceasing information forums like 'Introducing Solids' - are planned and something needs to be done to show the SSWAHS that these services are vital for the health and well being of our babies and parents and to ensure that no more services are taken away.

Please help us protect the mental and physical health of our babies and parents in Balmain and other suburbs within the Sydney South West Area and sign this petition to have our Early Childhood Services re-instated and to ensure that future changes to the Early Childhood Program be thoroughly debated by the community.

We, the undersigned request that Sydney South West Area Health Service review the decision to cut essential services from the Early Childhood Program.

We also request that any future changes planned for the Eary Childhood Program be documented and advertised or distributed to current users of the service at least 3 months in advance of being implemented.

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