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The Dover PA Post Office has been one of the 3700 post office's listed nationally by the USPS on July 26, 2011 as being reviewed for possible closure. The USPS has indicated that in replacement of a closed post office they would like to create what they are calling a "Village Post Office".

These types of VPO's will only have limited services available unlike a real Post Office. The Post Office's listed for possible closure on average turn in $50 in revenue a day, are not on major roads or near major intersections, have limited parking to list a few items of concern, all of which do not apply to the Dover PA Post Office.

We, the undersigned, ask the United States Postal Service to reconsider closing the Dover PA Post Office. The Dover PA Post Office is an important, viable staple in both our personal community as well as our business community.

Without a Post Office in these trying economical times, it would surely cause undo financial stress to the community, not to mention a major inconvenience for mailing purposes.

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