#Animal Welfare
Animal Rights / Welfare in Puerto Rico
United States of America

Animals in Puerto Rico are treated horribly. There are strays running everywhere and "sweeps" are often done to get rid of the dogs.

Instead of being medically treated and rehomed, the dogs are euthanized. The lack of spay / neuter programs as well as minimal penalties for animal cruelty do nothing to help the situation.

These animals have no voice of their own and someone must speak for them, as the way they are treated is unacceptable.

We, the undersigned, call on Aníbal S. Acevedo Vilá, Govenor of Puerto Rico, to stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

We ask that:
- Low cost veterinary care be provided.
- Free spay and neuter clinics be sponsored.
- Backyard breeders and pet shops be required to conform to specific standards.
- Institute harsher laws for animal cruelty and ensure they are enforced.
- Hire animal control officers and open animal shelters funded by the government.

The mass killings of innocent animals will not fix the situation. Changes in people's behavior and the laws will fix it.

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