The Parliamentary Boundary Commission for Wales

The people, organisations and businesses of the Cynon Valley aim to save it from being divided into 3 unrelated sections.

We oppose the plans issued by the Boundary Commission for Wales to revise the current consituencies of Wales in a manner that will remove the identity of the Cynon Valley and does not recognise it as a community.

We urge all individuals to sign our petition and for organisations and businesses based in or networking with the Cynon Valley to write to the Boundary Commission for Wales opposing these plans before 27th March 2012.

Together we can persuade the Boundary Commission of Wales to reconsider its plans and save the Cynon Valley. Act now, please sign our petition.


We, the undersigned, reject the Boundary Commission’s proposal to divide the Cynon Valley constituency in three and put each part in a different constituency.

The proposal fails to recognise that Cynon Valley is a community. The carve-up completely ignores the valley’s historic, geographic, economic and transport links.

The proposal is ill-thought out and makes no sense to the people living in the Cynon Valley. We urge the Boundary Commission to reconsider its proposal. We call on Parliament to reject the current proposal.


Rydym ni, sydd wedi arwyddo isod, yn gwrthod cynnig y Comisiwn Ffiniau i rannu etholaeth Cwm Cynon i mewn i 3 gwahanol etholaeth.

Nid yw’r cynnig yn cydnabod bod Cwm Cynon yn gymuned. Mae'r rhaniad yn anwybyddu yn llwyr y cysylltiadau hanesyddol, daearyddol, economaidd a chludiant y cwm.

Rydym yn annog y Comisiwn Ffiniau i ailystyried ei gynnig ac yn galw ar y Senedd yn San Steffan i wrthod y cynnig presennol.

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