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The 1860s era house in Plano, Texas at 5400 Windhaven Drive needs your support to save it from demolition. Please consider signing this online petition to let the city council of Plano understand that residents of Texas and Plano in particular want to see this unique treasure saved and restored right where it was built when Abraham Lincoln was still in office. Take a moment to support Texas history in this house. It represents early frontier history along the historic Shawnee Trail.

Multiple cultures and many eras of Texas history still are visible on the property which was part of the Peters Colony. Settlers built the house with hand-hewn beams and designed its gothic revival style in the fashion of Andrew Jackson Downing. Visit https://www.facebook.com/thecollinwoodhouse/ to learn more.

The Collinwood house is the oldest structure still standing within the city of Plano. Let our leaders know that it can and should be preserved and restored for current and future generations to understand and admire.

Save the Collinwood House!

We, the undersigned, wish to express our support for the preservation and restoration of the Collinwood House within the City of Plano, Texas park to be called Windhaven Meadows at 5400 Windhaven Road.

We encourage the Mayor and City Council to preserve, restore and reuse the Collinwood house so that future generations can enjoy this unique and priceless heritage asset.

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