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• Katie Milne, the national president of the advocacy group Federated Farmers
•About 24,000 cows have already been killed in recent months and at least 128,000 more will have to be culled, most over the next year or two. The cost of the eradication program is approximately $NZ886 million ($A616 million) over ten years. The government plans to pick up about two-thirds of the tab while farmers and the cattle industry will pay the rest.
•New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attends a media briefing in Wellington, where politicians and industry leaders announced a plan to slaughter about 150,000 cows

I discovered on Google there was a news story that had a main headline saying: "New Zealand to kill 150,000 cows to end bacterial disease as fears raised about farmer welfare."

I am so disappointed to hear that they go straight to deciding to kill innocent animals rather than finding a cure. I ask for as many people as possible to read and sign this petition in order to change the minds of the New Zealand government and ask them to find a cure to treat the cows instead of straight up killing them.

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