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There are issues with regard to the safety and welfare of pedestrians crossing the Cooper River at Cooper River Park, Crescent Boulevard, Route 130, in Camden County, New Jersey. The new bridge constructed over Cooper River allows automobile and pedestrian traffic to cross simultaneously. There is however, nothing that divides the two to facilitate safe passage for the pedestrians.

Currently there is a temporary foot bridge that allows for passage over the river completely separate from automobile traffic. This bridge was constructed prior to demolition of the previous road structure and has been used by people walking and bicycling for the duration of the new construction or approximately three years. The bridge has, in a sense, become part of the landscape, part of our vital and thriving county park and has created a feeling of safety from automobile traffic as well as the harmful fumes it creates.

For the safety and welfare of all who live in this area and use the temporary foot bridge, we respectfully request the bridge become a permanent structure. The foot bridge in addition to the new road structure will allow for a choice as to which path to take, this will be particularly important when there is heavy bicycle traffic that can ride up on the road keeping the walking public out of harm’s way. We would also like you to consider adding a foot bridge over the Cooper River at Cuthbert Boulevard.

For the sake of this conversation, we have polled many people using the foot bridge as to their opinion on it becoming a permanent structure. The response to keep the bridge is overwhelming. For these reasons and others, we request your consideration in not removing our Bridge.

We, the undersigned, request that the temporary pedestrian bridge over the Cooper River, part of Cooper River Park and located at Crescent Blvd, Route 130 in Camden County, New Jersey be left to remain in place and furthermore be kept as a permanent structure for the enjoyment, safety and well-being of our community.

Save the Bridge.

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