Mayor Sandy Jones (Bowling Green, KY)
United States of America

The Mammoth Cave Region and Barren River are being impacted by intrusive industry. This area is relatively unpolluted and the law enforcement against pollution lax. There are some people who are taking advantage of the local people by moving into the Warren County to spread destruction and pollution.

The Warren County Judge Executive Buchannon and Mayor Sandy Jones are responsible for the development and destruction of the karst region. The Judge and Mayor are backing development plans that are inconsiderate of the fragile ecology of the region. The Mayor is supporting an "enterprise zone" to develop a tourist attraction in the Barren River wetlands. The Judge Executive is trying to build an "Industrial Park" (Transmodal Park) and airport in the Mammoth Cave area.

We the undersigned disapprove of the increased pollution and destruction of the Warren County wetlands and karst ecology by industrial development. We ask that all development be stopped in the Barren River wetlands and Green River/Mammoth Cave watershed.

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The Save the Barren and Green Rivers petition to Mayor Sandy Jones (Bowling Green, KY) was written by Azel Beckner and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.