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Bundaberg City Council

The 'Bailey Gate' is an important historical structure in the city of Bundaberg (Queensland, Australia). It is a single storey rendered building, made up on 2 ticket offices with turnstiles. It is located at 45 Burrum Street, Bundaberg West.

The "Bailey Gate" was constructed in 1939 and stood at the entrance to the old Bundaberg Showgrounds. It was named in honour of William Bailey, who was one of the first Sugar Cane farmers in the Miara district, and one of the longest-serving members of the Agricultural, Pastoral and Industrial Society (A.P. & I.S.).

The Bundaberg Council has relocated the showgrounds to a new recreational precinct but is reconsidering their decision to relocate the Bailey Gate to the new location.

If they don't do this, they risk:
* Losing a significant Bundaberg/Miara historical landmark
* Failing to maintain the history and evidence of the contribution of the Bailey Family to the area and
* Dishonouring the legacy of William Bailey.

Please join us, in petitioning the Bundaberg City Council, to show the Bailey Gate the respect it deserves.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bundaberg City Council to either:
1. Relocate the 'Bailey Gate' as a whole entity form the old showgrounds to the new recreational precinct,
2. Relocate the parapet portion of the gate with the words 'The Bailey Gate - A.P. & I.S. - Showgrounds', or
3. Dedicate one of the areas/gates/entrances of the new recreational precinct in honour of William Bailey.

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