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Petition Start Date: 4/6/05 (April 6, 2005).

Please SAVE THE BABIES!!! We still have a chance to save the Rugrats! If you yourself sign this petition, and get some friends and family too also, then you can possibly be rewarded with more episodes of the Rugrats. PLEASE don't give up on this! Just think... it hasn't even been 2 years since they stopped making the show.

Rugrats was cancelled before, but they brought it back, because MANY people missed it. MY GOAL for this petition is to get AT THE VERY LEAST: 500 signatures. Again, just sign this! It's so easy, and I made it so you have to enter the LEAST amount of information POSSIBLE. PLEASE sign this, and SAVE THE BABIES!!!!

Save the Babies, Save Rugrats!!

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