#Animal Rights
Concerned Citizens
United States of America

Animals at the Chelsea Humane Society
in Milford, Iowa are being forced to
live in unsanitary conditions and are being euthanized without ever being given a chance at being adopted.

The undersigned are outraged as to the conditions and treatment of animals under the care of Director David
Welle and staff of the Chelsea Animal Shelter. It has has been documented
and admitted to by employees, that the
sanitary conditions of the shelter are abominable. Visitors must walk through
puddles of urine to get to the kennels. Old, moldy feces covers the kennel
floors. The animals being housed at the shelter were brought into your custody in search of a loving future.
Unfortunately, the conditions you provide are similar to situations many were removed from due to neglect. The staff is quick to euthanize, but even
quicker at not making an attempt at finding new homes. We ask that your director, whose job it is to oversee
the shelter, be removed immediately for his failure to provide sanitary conditions and a safe environment for the animals legally under the shelter's

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