Devon County Council
United Kingdom

Picture a beautiful, relaxing wildife habitat which provides a home for millions of animals and birds. Imagine that the same place hosts hundreds of oxygen-producing trees. Imagine that the place also provides a home and livelihood for at least a few farmers and other workers.

Now imagine bulldozers hurtling in and ripping up the trees, running over innocent animals and maybe even injuring one or two children. This is what almost certainly will happen and the Council want to call the new town "Cranbrook". They say that this for "economical reasons". But the fact is that it will do far more bad than good as the farmers will lose their livelihoods.

If any lower individual wanted to do this, they would be prosecuted by law, but the council are not in trouble for this. Why? Because they talk in posh language, they are high in power and may claim that they are "using resourceful land to build a new community for economical purposes" rather than saying that they are tearing down trees and destroying beautiful fields to build busy highways, shops, houses and leisure centres for their own evil money.

They say that it will provide employment, but this can sometimes be achieved by fixing and reusing old buildings. They also say that it will create more homes and prevent homelessness. The right way to prevent homelessness would be to fix and reuse old homes, lower household costs and fund homeless charities such as Shelter and the Salvation Army.

How would YOU like to lose your home and/or livelihood?

We, the undersigned, wish for the Council to reduce the building of Cranbrook on the dangerous flood plains.

We understand that it is probably far too late to stop the plans altogether, but we believe that is still possible for the Council to reduce the building work there.

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The Save the animals and the people! petition to Devon County Council was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.