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The River Murray belongs to all Australians. I feel sure that is how our Ancestors felt when exploring the River Murray for the first time.

As a proud Australian why do we have to wait for Politicians to sit around a table to discuss the outcome of water for all Australians. Western Australians visit the River and so do other Australians from other States who do not rely on the River system.

Now in the 21st century the state of the River Murray has become crucial, why can’t the Politician say “Open the gates let the Water flow” for all to use.
Monitor the use of the water, stipulate what can be farmed and No More over farming!

Many families rely on the River to survive, us city dwellers do but the people in the East of Australia can not hog all the water. Their farming compatriots in the South of Australia are in desperate need of water, for their families and farms also the Aboriginal tribe that will loose their traditional land if the river and lakes die.

One of the greatest Rivers in the world is dying please finally do something get your act together. Politicians water is a natural recourse it is there for everyone one to use. Do something that should have been done 100yrs ago. They say, 40,000 homes in South Australian has to be built in a year, to keep up with population growth. What is going to happen when South Australian completly runs out of water. There should be a Politician out there that should have some brains to give some thought to population growth in our State, and the future use of water without slugging us an extra 12% on our water bills, with all the other extra increases we have to pay for now days.


We the undersigned would like to save the River Murray for all Australians.

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