#Human Rights
President Donald Trump
United States of America

People are hurting for money during the shutdown.
Millions filed for unemployment.
150,000 will die of despair this year. Drug Overdose, Alcoholism, Suicide.
Online Alcohol sales are up 500%.

~Half of suicides/murders/crashes will be drunk.

These deaths don't have to happen.
Telehealth could save the country $100 Billion if everyone had free access.

But Trump's recent order only extended telehealth for rural americans.

For everyone else, the rights from the emergency waivers expire soon.
People won't have easy access to doctors/health care.

That's why this petition is so important.

We petition to keep our rights:
Easier, safer, cheaper access to health care through telehealth:

In any area
With any insurance
Regardless of provider state licensing
Through any hospital.

We plead that Pres. Trump signs an order to make the relevant emergency healthcare waivers permanent for ALL AMERICANS, not just rural Americans, to avoid a national alcohol/mental health catastrophe.


We the People

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