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In the news 29/06/11, it has been revealed that a school which successfully brings life management and judicial skills to kids with behavioural problems, putting them on the right track, is to be CLOSED!

We the undersigned, object in the strongest possible terms to the closure of St. Philips School, Plains, Airdrie which is faced with CLOSURE as a result of 'austerity' measures by the government. St. Philips has PROVED its effectiveness in placing boys with behavioural difficulties on the right track.

This School has been a virtual LIFESAVER for both students and parents, through the use of restorative justice models and even Neuro Linguistic Programming to restore lives which would otherwise be lost in criminal or anti-social behaviour. It is completely unacceptable that such a service is facing the axe.

From St. Philips website:
"St Philip's school offers each young person an Individualised Education Programme, which is designed to identify and support progress towards achievable educational targets. Young people are supported and encouraged to undertake examinations leading to recognized awards."

Such schools, with great success rates, are difficult enough to find already, and its closure would probably cost the government MORE money than they think they will save by closing it.

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