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May 9, 2006

So, you think that you know everything about sharks, huh? evil eating machines bent on destroying all species but their own, right? ha ha ha.. NO!

Have you ever even taken the time to learn about them. No, you say, slowly walking away from me. You don't care... WELL I DO! Sharks are an important species that clean our ocean. all these people come up to you, trying to get you to listen to thier cause, but you dont even care enough to listen. well, i'm gunna make you listen to me!

Everyday, you hear about these evil killing machines hiding underneath the water. well guess what. we're the mindless evil killing machines ABOVE the water. Sharks are being killed daily and no one does any thing about it. yeah, some places made laws, but are they strongly reinforced? heck no! i want you to give me this little signature to help me get them the reinforcment they need.

I am so tired of all these people, claiming that sharks are mindless killing machines! that really ticks me off! did you know that you are more likely to be struck by lightining than killed by a shrak? bet you didn't. or that your more likely to be malled by a dolfin? bet not... how would you like it for someone to take your pet, cut off it's limbs and tail (if it has one) and throw it in the water for it to drown and bleed to death? and not even take one second to watch it die, just going off to find another? that it what it is like. do you ever see those lost pet sign? remeber the pang of pain you felt when you saw the pics of it? well have a gander at these...


I think that that is enough... for now...

Stop the global killing of sharks.

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