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Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland, has decided to stop its direct flights from Heathrow in London to Shannon Airport in the West of Ireland.

The loss of these direct flights will have a huge and detrimental impact on the economy of Shannon and the West of Ireland.

These flights are essential to jobs, businesses and economic well being of the tourist industry in Shannon and surrounding areas.

We are asking the people of Ireland to support the people of Shannon and the West of Ireland in calling on Aer Lingus to stop its plans to remove direct flights from Heathrow to Shannon. We are asking people to support our call to put people and communities before corporate profits.

We are asking people to sign and publicise this petition.

The decision by Aer Lingus to remove the the four daily flights on the Shannon to Heathrow route is socially and morally wrong.

Stopping these flights will cause job losses, business to close and severely impact on tourism. Stopping these flights will have a hugely negative effect on the economy of Shannon and the surrounding regions.

In light of the social and economic impact of this decision we ask that Aer Lingus review its decision to stop direct flights from Shannon to Heathrow immediately. We ask that Aer Lingus put people, communities, jobs and the the national interest before corporate profits. We ask Aer Lingus to remember it is Irelands national airline - the peoples airline.

We ask Aer Lingus to continue flights between Shannon and Heathrow.

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